#28 - U2, Grammy Reactions

Dan and Sean are sick from either the common cold, the flu, or bitcoin madness. Pick any two. On the twenty-eighth episode of Audioface:

  • New single of the week: DMX x Rudolph
  • Big Sean and Metro Boomin announce "Double or Nothing:
  • Grammy's announced...and people have takes
  • Audioface awards explained, sort of.
    • Don't forget to tweet us your favorites of the year! (Include us both in the tweet, our handles are below)
  • Eminem's Revival album coming out December 15.

Sean and Dan are wrapping up the end of their professional years, and will be taking the next week off. In the mean time, be sure to check out Syndicate 23's fastest podcast We Made It, featuring real and honest commentary on the world of soccer. Sean and Dan can be found on Twitter at @swsuarez and @danfromtheweb.