#40 - Logic, Superorganism, Datarock

Introducing the finger bell.  On the fortieth episode of Audioface:

  • New singles of the week: "You Never Knew My Mind" by Chris Cornell and Johnny Cash (you read that right), "My Life" by Zhu and Tame Impala, and Vince Staples basically won this week with #GTFOMD
  • Rick Ross lives. For now.
  • Dan abruptly recommends Sean some Zhu songs
  • REVIEW: Logic's new mixtape, Bobby Tarantino II
  • Dirtycoin
  • Migos sued for riot
  • SZA, Lil Ui Vert, and Migos drama at Buku Fest New Orleans
  • REVIEW: Superorganism's self titled debut album
  • Dan killed NME
  • REVIEW: Datarock's new album, Face the Brutality
  • What's happening to Martin Shkreli, Sean? 
  • And finally, Sean and Dan catch up on each other's music recommendations from episode 32.

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