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Reviews: The Good, the Bad, & the Queen's "Merrie Land", Anderson .Paak's "Oxnard", and Mumford & Sons' "Delta".

New music video of the week: "One Beer" by MF DOOM. Maroon 5 fans petition the band. The Merrie Land review. Checking in on R. Kelly: yup, still terrible. Checking in on Ye: yup, still can't finish an album. The Oxnard review. Tekashi 6ix9ine's dramatic staff shakeup. The Delta review. And Riff Raff claims to be a victim of extortion.

Sean and Dan are taking Thanksgiving off, but make sure you're subscribed so you don't miss the 2 episodes coming the week after. Also, did we miss an album this year? Let us know by reaching out to @audiofacepod on Twitter or Instagram and we'll check it out. We appreciate it, and you. Thank you for listening with us! 🎧

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Reviews: Lil Peep's "Come Over When You're Sober, Pt. 2" and Muse's "Simulation Theory".

New single of the week: Nowhere2go by Earl Sweatshirt. Sean listened to Imagine Dragons' new "Origins" you don't have to. Tekashi 6ix9ine almost gets Kanye West and Nicki Minaj killed. Never-before-seen Prince music videos are making their way online. The Come Over When You're Sober Pt. 2 review. A Polish game show contestant performs as Drake in blackface. Ludacris and Migos headline an anti-Super Bowl concert. The Simulation Theory review. New albums announced for the end of this year and early 2019, and TI's alleged involvement in a cryptocurrency scam.

Later this month: Sean and Dan take on Yandhi and The 1975. Don't miss a single episode, subscribe now. Thank you for listening with us. 🎧


Reviews: Metro Boomin's "NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES", the Bohemian Rhapsody Film, Takeoff's "The Last Rocket", Tenacious D's "Post-Apocolypto", Vince Staples' "FM!", and The Prodigy's "No Tourists"

A rundown of the rest of this year in the world of Audioface. The NOT ALL HEROES WEAR CAPES review. Kanye West destroys his relationship with the MAGA right. The Bohemian Rhapsody film review. Trump plays Pharrell Williams' song "Happy" hours after a massacre. We listen to Takeoff and Tenacious D's highly talked about albums, so you don't have to. 50 cent escalates his beef with Ja Rule. The FM! review. Drake gets racially profiled at a casino. The No Tourists review. And Post Malone jumps in the hypebeast shoe game...sorta.

Next week: Muse, Lil Peep, and more! Don't miss a single episode, subscribe now. Thank you for listening with us. 🎧

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Music is one of the most fundamental parts of life. So why isn't anyone talking about it that way?
Every Sunday, Sean and Dan deliver your no-B.S. look at the week in music: what everyone is listening to, what everyone should be listening to, and all of the news, reviews, and commentary in between.

Dan is a video journalist and producer by day, and naturally, uses music as escapism from the daily hustle. He comes from a long line of musicians, and plays almost 10 instruments (though never on command). Sean is a semi-pro triathlete who, when not running, swimming, or cycling the world in spandex, can be found in front of his piano playing classical concertos. His mind is a vast collection of information on all things music, Formula 1, and anti-neoliberal snark.