Produced in coordination with the National Alliance on Mental Illness at UC Berkeley, these videos look to inform people through honest conversations surrounding mental illness. 



Schizophrenia Explained

You'd be surprised what you don't know about schizophrenia.

Mental Health and the Prison System

Prisons, mental illness, and children should not be this intertwined.

The Facts About Borderline
Personality Disorder

Confused about BPD? We can help explain.


What's Your Struggle In A Sentence?

We asked college students to give us their struggle in (about) a sentence.

Mental Health In College with Colleen!

Colleen and I discuss mental health and dealing with mental illness issues as a student in college. We address resources, counseling, coping skills and more. As a college student it can be difficult to deal with mental illnesses. We hope to open up the discussion and share our insights on how to manage your mental health!